Beautifully Flawed

How many times have you stood in the mirror and systematically picked apart everything that's wrong with you.

I've lost count of the number of times I twisted and turned in front of my mirror only to be frustrated with what I see. In mind's eye, I envision a sexy, voluptuous, desirable woman. But my mirror refuses to adjust its viewpoint. Sigh! 

And to add more salt in the wound, we are constantly bombarded with various media, images of the "ideal woman".  We vainly strive to achieve that small waist, that thigh gap, that smooth skin...we try, fail, try again and yet that image in the mirror has not changed. Depressing isn't it?

But as I age (yes, like fine wine), I realize that these perceived flaws are not something to make me feel unworthy. Rather, they are what makes me stand out, set apart and unique. Funny that some of these same issues that I knit pick at, another person looks on in yearning, wishing that they had that particular trait.

I've discovered that I as grow in God's grace, I'm learning to appreciate His creation He invested time and effort in forming every strand of DNA, every cell, every organ, every facet of my being. And though I have been marred by sin, He is still working with all my flaws to make me a better me.

And He is doing the same with you too! Yes, we are flawed but the beauty is the continued perfecting work of God's love and grace in us and through us every day. Be proud of your beautifully flawed self!