About us


Anaya's Canvas is the heart child of my husband and I that started as side project and evolved in an online platform that provides custom designed printed products. We provide shoppers with a wide variety of products that can be used in everyday life with a dose of inspiration.

Whether it is a backpack with a motivational quote or the a wireless phone charger with a funny meme, Anaya's Canvas is not the run-of the mill t-shirt store. We seek to send messages of wholesome positivity, self-acceptance and motivation. 

Anaya's Canvas is also a platform to share our Christian faith which you will find interspersed in our designs.

It is our mission to spread hope and love with positive and uplifting messages and images in our designs. The opportunities to encourage and inspire others are limitless.

As we say here at Anaya's Canvas - "Making a Statement is more than words!"